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Pay Per Click Programs (PPC)

Fast gaining popularity with search engine experts PPC listings, an innovative strategy adopted by major search engines, are a cost-effective online advertising medium to ensure targeted traffic to your website. With PPC listings, the return on investment is excellent as you pay only if someone clicks on your PPC ad. PPC advertising programs allow you to not only select specific keywords and key phrases but also aid in submitting customized website descriptions and titles. This is followed by specific keyword bid; with top ranks in PPC search engine results going to websites that pay the highest amount per click. Successful bids appear as advertisements to be shown on search engines result pages.

Electron Web offers you a comprehensive PPC Advertising Program for PPC search engines. Our services encompass keyword analysis, a crucial component of a PPC campaign, our experts provide you with purchase recommendations of the most suitable keywords and keyword phrases for your business. Our recommendations are a result of an extensive study and analysis of your target audience’s demographics, psychographics and online buying behavior. The process follows with an ongoing management of budget, performance measurement, and updating keyword buys as your PPC listing progresses.

PPC Search Engines Program Analysis

Google's AdWords:
Google's AdWords program will return results in a separate box to the right of its natural / normal search engine listings for a predetermined cost pay per click. Google's PPC does not guarantee a specific order of placement for your listing. Their order is determined not only by the bid price, but by the click-through rate of your ad as well.

Overture's PPC program analysis:
Overture's pay per click PPC Advertising Programs presents its first several results at the top of the list of natural search matches on various search engines. The appearance is relatively similar in format as the natural results. Overture order / ranking of results is arrived at by an "open bidding" methodology. Here the results are ranked based on how much each "bidder" on the targeted keyword is willing to pay per click. The highest bidder receives first rank /position, second highest the next second position on search engines result and so on.

Sites that have the highest bids at Overture are displayed within the top search engine results pages of AOL, AOL. COM, Netscape Netcenter and the Lycos Network. So, bidding for keywords in Overture is another method of capturing the right kind of traffic. However, Overture isn't the only PPC search engines out there. About.com's Sprinks, Searchhound, Ah-ha and FindWhat all offer similar PPC advertising programs.

Benefits of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Programs:
» Drives concentrated traffic in quick time to your website.
» Gives you the initial boost for seasonal or new product or service launch.
» Opportunity for websites that otherwise cannot get top ranks on search engines the basis of website content dimensions.